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Phinnah Chichi Ikeji

I help parents and schools help prepare their teens with LIFE, LEARNING and LEADERSHIP skills.

This preparation involves:

Working with teens to be the BEST versions of themselves by learning to communicate better with themselves and others.

Helping parents navigate the teenage years successfully by understanding and communicating with their teens a lot better.

Through platforms created specifically for teens (Inspiring Ten2Teens, Standout Communication Media and Teens Motivation Hub) we provide them with resources to help grow their skills in Life, Learning and Leadership skills and successfully navigate through the peer pressures that they come across.

I speak at School Assemblies, Year Group Assemblies, Parent Assemblies, Parent Conferences, Workshops and other events on various inspiring, motivating and empowering topics.

I run training workshops for Organisations on various COMMUNICATION topic areas and help Entrepreneurs to communicate the values they bring in a more visible and more effective way.